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Private Companies comprise the majority of businesses in the United States.  However, there is little information or education for new directors of small, middle-size and start up companies.

This site and the resources that we will add onto it over time will help correct that gap in information and provide Directors with the facts they need to be successful in the Boardroom and help their companies achieve success.

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Advice for Owners & Directors

There are a lot of smart people on Nonprofit Boards, but many of them do not have experience in a corporate board room.

This site will get you up to speed on what you need to know to be a Nonprofit Director.


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Governance Facts for Directors

Corporate Governance Resources


The book, The Private Company Board of Directors Book, tells you what you need to know to be on a Board or How to create and run a Board.  



We have posted some good checklists for your use and reference regarding Corporate Governance, Boards of Directors, and Onboarding



The site includes sample documents & templates.  More are in The Private Company Board of Directors Book 



Some news, thoughts and opinions about Corporate Governance, especially for smaller private companies and nonprofit organizations.

about the author

Elizabeth Hammack

Elizabeth Hammack is a corporate attorney and business executive with over 25 years experience with private companies and nonprofit organizations.  After serving as a General Counsel, Board Secretary and Director on different boards over the years, she brings a variety of experience to the books she writes.  She is also  a Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

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Excellence In Board of Directors Governance


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the private company board of directors Book

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Understanding Corporate Board Governance has never been so easy.  For Owners, Directors and Prospective Directors.  Filled with facts and executive summaries of the important information you need to succeed.

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