BraintTrust Board

About Us

I created the BrainTrust Board website primarily to provide Private Company owners and members of the Boards of Directors of Private Companies with information they need to be effective.  I hope that owners of private companies will receive insight on how to better structure their boards and who they should choose to sit on their boards.  New and Experienced Directors will also find valuable insights and information on how to be better directors.  CEOs, executives, legal counsel and would-be directors will also gain useful knowledge and ideas for their own businesses and careers.

It is Private Companies on which the U.S. economy relies.  Private companies collectively outnumber and out-revenue  (by many times) public companies.  Yet, there is not a dedicated vocal & visible group out there advocating for and educating private company boards of directors.  Most all board education is focused on public company boards.  To be certain, public company boards have a large amount of regulations they must be aware of and adhere to, in addition to their basic jobs as overseers of the business.  But many times it is the basics that are overlooked.  Private companies’ particular and unique needs are never addressed, at least not in depth.  I hope to change that with this website.

Private Companies are different than Public Companies in many ways.  Various current and upcoming blogs on this site will highlight many such differences.  This site is crafted to address the specific needs of private company boards.  However, many of the blogs and opinions on this site will have relevance to public company boards as well.

Although I am a lawyer by training and background, the purpose of  this Blog and Website is not to provide legal advice.  Rather, it publishes my personal opinions (gained from over 20 years of working with and on corporate boards) about corporate governance and various aspects of creating and operating a board of directors for private companies.  You should not rely on this site for legal advice; rather, consult your own attorney for legal advice tailored to your specific facts and circumstances.