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The Private Company Board Book – Summary & Link

The Private Company Board Book is filled with practical advice for Directors, aspiring Directors, Board chairs, and Owners of private companies.

I will keep this page updated with a prospective publishing date.  At this point (end of Fall 2018), the first book is in its internal review stage.  Next, I will have it read and vetted by directors of boards and board chairs and get their input.  Finally, I will do a last review and it will be published and available for purchase on Amazon.Com and iBookstore.  The second Book, “The BrainTrust Board Book- for Nonprofits’ Boards of Directors” is filled with practical advice for directors, aspiring directors, board chairs, and major shareholders of nonprofit entities.

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Board Chairs

This Book will help you understand (1)  how to run an efficient board, (2)  when to remove a director, (3) what to teach new directors and (4) where to find new directors.  Buy one for each of your directors and you will see your efficiency and communication increase!

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Private Company Owners

Does your Private Company need a Board – probably yes!  Or perhaps you have a board but want to improve it.  This book will help you understand how to build, organize and run your board to enable it to push your business forward to future growth and success.  Buy one for each of your directors – that way you can be assured that all your directors will have the same base knowledge needed for excellence.

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Do you want a book written without the  boring (and often just plain unnecessary) legal mumbo-jumbo often found in law books on the subject of corporate governance?  You you want a short (ok, relatively short – this is important stuff) and easy to read reference book you can carry with you to board meetings or keep on your ipad? Do you have some holes in your knowledge?  This is the book for you.  It covers the basics and then goes deeper with practical examples drawn from actual board experiences.

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Where to Buy

Links to purchase the book on Amazon.Com will be here momentarily.  It may be available in other outlets as well; this area will be updated with additional links when they are available.