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The Life Cycle of a Board Director

Life cycle of a board director Directors can outlive their usefulness Cycles and cycles within cycles.  Just as a product has a life cycle, a Director on a Corporate Board has a useful life cycle.  Sure, the sole or primary shareholder(s) of a private company will generally want to (and should) remain on the Board […]

Is Your Board Lazy?

Is YOur board lazy? Directors should be involved and prepared Boards can have Directors with stellar credentials.  The directors maybe be diverse in background (or not) and have fabulous skills and experience.  In theory and on paper, the Board is first rate.  But in practice, its it failing.  Directors are not coming prepared to meetings; […]

Temptation Is Always Here

temptation is alway here… code of ethics is your best tool Oh, it may not be obvious, but it is so, so, often there to some degree.  Temptation.  Temptation to pad one’s wallet, or indulge in a pleasure not often afforded to you.  It does not necessarily have to be at the expense of others […]

Boards & Social Media – Part 3

Boards & Social Media – Part 3 Tech Savvy/Marketer Needed On Boards Following up on my previous Blog in which I championed having rules in place for how Directors use social media and technology for their Board duties, this Blog asserts that Board in consumer product or services industries should have a Director who is […]

Boards & Social Media – Part 2

Boards & Social Media – Part 2 Policy Boards should have a Social Media policy for themselves.  As we learned in the Rock Center survey on social media (see Blog Part 1), some Directors use social media in the personal and business context, others only in the personal context, others not at all.  You should […]

Boards & Social Media – Part 1

BOards & Social Media – Part 1 The Conference Board and the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University issued the results of their survey of executives and board members in North American companies regarding their views of social media a few years ago.  I just came across it again and it is worth reviewing […]

CEOs should not be on the Board

CEOs should not be on the board For many companies, not only should CEOs not be the Chair of the Board, but ideally, they should not be on the company’s Board at all.  Public companies have been separating the CEO from the Chairman role for years and the trend will continue, not only because of […]


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