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Checklist for Board Manual

Every Board should have a Board Manual, which (at least) provides each director basic information about the Company and about Board operations.  Here is a Checklist for what should be in every Company’s Board Manual.

Checklist for Board Manual

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10 Things To Know Before Joining a Private Company Board

Here is a list of 10 things you need to know before you say ‘yes’ to the offer to become a director on a Private Company Board.  Once you know the CEO and owners, you should know these 10 things at least.

List of 10 Things To Know

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Director Legal Liability!

We are preparing another resource to go here.  Keep tuned.

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Corporate Governance Defined

Corporate governance is the method by which a corporation is controlled and administered. The principal participants are: Owners of the Company (Shareholders), the Board of Directors and Management.  Regulators (government & industry), employees, suppliers, customers, government and the general community also affect and are affected by governance.


Paperless Board Solutions

In alphabetical order, here are links to some of the most popular services for Board Portals, Paperless Board Materials and other technology to make Boards more efficient. Most of these paperless or virtual board books services are expensive for a small private company, but many Boards find them worth the cost.  Alternately, however, you can create a Sharepoint site (with individual logons and passwords for each director) for very little money and host your own Board Portal.



CSI Web@Work Board Portal,Diligent Boardbooks,

Directors Desk,iBoard Meeting,ICSA OnBoard,,StreamLink,Thomson BoardLink

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FAQ Page

A good source of information for common questions and issues is the FAQ Page.  Please visit regularly, since we intend to update it monthly.